What does your New Years list look like.?

Here it is, Christmas is over, the New Year is coming, 2018. Beside planning what to do on New Years Eve, some are busy rounding up a list on resolutions. The I will do list. How long does that last for you? Oh, you say, but this year is different, I’ll try harder, I have a plan. I’m sorry but I have seen that the best plans have been dropped in a waste bucket like an unexpected rushing rain running down the rain spout out onto the ground. Every new day can bring a set of unexpected circumstances that changes life plans and good intentions so that our resolutions seem to fall away because of these untimely interruptions. We may even chalk off that whatever thing you are trying to do for just a day and plan to get back into the good plan only to find that tomorrow has its own ways to deter you from keeping with your plan. Soon one tires and the resolution is lost until the next end of December when we decide to make new resolutions.  What is my resolve, I thought today as I set down in my comfy chair and thought of how I might define what resolutions that I’d like to make for the New Year. This is where I set every day and Read and reflect on God’s word and pray.

I picked up a stack writings that I had done some time ago that I had decided to go through and get rid of some of them. But as I began to read from the stack, I found myself digging deeper into what I had written. I had started this particular writing devoting my thoughts to God and His creation, and as I thought I realized His awesomeness mixed in with His mighty power, and gracious love. It spoke about the greatness of the time and late season of the world ,but that when He finished His new creation He rested on the 7th day. God rested and settled back and thought on His marvelous creation, and I wondered what that day must have looked like. As I sat and pondered on His creation my minds view of things took me to the garden of Eden. I wrote about all the different days of creation and pictured what it looked like from my minds point of view in words . One example was about the birds that I heard singing while I was thinking on these things of His creation and of how beautiful was their song. I wondered which one was created first. It didn’t matter, but the Blue Bird was and is today my favorite. It’s my favorite because they are not only beautiful, but they are thought of by us humans to represent friendship. This bird had a song to sing in the awakening of the day, but it could have been any bird it doesn’t matter because soon the trees He made for them would have song birds of every color singing and making melody a melody not even man could copy.

It came to me then to ask , why was I so worried about making resolutions for the next year, when God who holds the ultimate plan for life, holds the future of my life in His hands? When I take time out to spend with Him reading and reflecting on His word, when I praise Him for my life today, and when I pray for others and for my needs daily, I don’t need a list. But what I need only to do is trust Him and ask Him to guide my life daily, then put my life into His hands.  One day at a time He will show me the way. His authority is over all the earth and all that is in it. So, my plan then is not to fret about tomorrow, but to trust Him today, to dwell in the land He has given me ( which is what is before me for the day), and delight in His work in my life, and rest in what and who He is.